1. pilofayeva (verified owner)

    I love Elena’s gestures and body language in this angle of this shoot. I love the way she moves her toes to the other camera. She looks very sexy when she stands up on her nicely pedicured white toes, revealing her high arches, soles and smooth round heels. I really like the view of her feet from side emphasizing her high arches. Standing on her toes also reveals her shapely calf muscles. Those marks from supposedly previously worn high heels straps are amazing.

    [4K] Elena - Toes and Gams 2[4K] Elena – Toes and Gams 2

  2. pilofayeva (verified owner)

    There are some black spots on vision which distracts the view a little but zooming in to her beautiful legs and feet was a great idea and worked really well. Wish it was a completely clear view.

    [4K] Elena - Toes and Gams 1[4K] Elena – Toes and Gams 1

  3. pilofayeva (verified owner)

    Elena has 2 hour-glass shapes:
    1) Thighs are torso, knees are waist, calves are hips,
    2) Calves are torso, ankles are waist, heels are hips.
    And perfect veins and arches…

    [4K] Elena - Shoe Exchange with the Legs Goddess 1[4K] Elena – Shoe Exchange with the Legs Goddess 1

  4. pilofayeva (verified owner)

    I love it when Elena moves her heels up and her feet lose contact with the shoes revealing her soles. Her achilles are very thin and perfectly shaped. Her bones and tendons around her ankle show perfectly with her moves.

    Elena - Easter's Legs Goddess Bunny 1Elena – Easter’s Legs Goddess Bunny 1

  5. dodocan22 (verified owner)

    This is beyond my imagination and dreams. I remember first time I saw “4 Leggy Bunnies!”…. I was drooling, I got dizzy, my hands were shaking, my heart started to feel like it melts. While I am watching these videos, my eyes are working very hard to catch those perfect legs and feet shapes occurring each second with each moves of those 4 perfect women. Love the way they move showing everything thanks to transparent heels. Thank you!

    [BUNDLE] 4 Leggy Bunnies![BUNDLE] 4 Leggy Bunnies!

  6. Marko – legs fetish (verified owner)

    This is sexy, so smooth

    [4K] Maria - Thick Legs Duplicate[4K] Maria – Thick Legs Duplicate

  7. indy31983

    I almost get emotional looking at this beautiful woman

    Maria - Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 3Maria – Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 3

  8. Reesie

    Not surprising that Maria’s feet and toes are as gorgeous as the rest of her. She is so beautiful I haven’t thought about any other woman since I first saw her. Face to feet, the most flawless woman I’ve ever seen.

    Maria - Bare Foot and Calve Climb 3Maria – Bare Foot and Calve Climb 3

  9. Reesie

    I can’t get this gorgeous woman out of my mind—

    Maria - Legs Fetish Bed and Bare Feet HDMaria – Legs Fetish Bed and Bare Feet HD

  10. 73906193a

  11. enjoy2incubus2 (verified owner)

    Her best set yet. 10/10

    Tera - Crossed Legs and DangleTera – Crossed Legs and Dangle

  12. pacificblack (verified owner)

    Awesome Photoshoot. What an attractive woman

    Lina - All Out Luscious Legs Attack 2Lina – All Out Luscious Legs Attack 2

  13. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    when I saw the pic on your instagram page I had one thing in my mind. “I must rush to buy this”. Melinda is heaven. Looking at her is like being in paradise. She is perfect from head to toe. Her legs are magnificent. A holy sight to behold

    Melinda - Heel Poppin’ Fitness HottieMelinda – Heel Poppin’ Fitness Hottie

  14. Elliot Tabua

    Jessica has great muscular legs to die for, absolutely gorgeous.

    Jessica Wilcox - Squats in Denim Cut OffsJessica Wilcox – Squats in Denim Cut Offs

  15. Black Pacino (verified owner)

    I haven’t bought a photo set since Annie debuted, I’m a video guy myself… but the 3 L’s (Lulu’s Long Legs) compelled me to buy this set. My God, she has fantastic gams forged by Olympic hurdling… and she looks even BETTER now than she did before (and I was already a fan). I hope there’s a video forthcoming… but this photo set more than satisfies my Lulu fixation.

    Lulu - Hot Legs in FlannelLulu – Hot Legs in Flannel

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