1. egreen3 (verified owner)

    ABSOLUTELY the HOTTEST, SEXIEST photo shoot EVER!!!!!!
    Everything I envisioned the ART of Shoe Play to be! OMG! EPIC!!!!!!!!
    Hands down…. NIKKI is the GOAT! TY and YW. This is the standard!
    LE, you ROCK! More, More, More…. PLEASE!!!!!

    Nikolett - Heel Popping and Epic Calf MusclesNikolett – Heel Popping and Epic Calf Muscles

  2. bacopedalbar (verified owner)

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! What a woman!!! I just can’t believe what my eyes see, that’s beyond anything I have ever imagined. Jewel’s legs are awesome, incredibly muscular. Looking at them makes me breathless! I wonder what she could do with those MASSIVE THIGHS AND CALVES: crush a watermelon or kick objects in anger, showing all the power of those muscular legs. Also, her confident look is amazing!! She is the most powerful woman in the world!

    Jewel - Sensual Strong Legs UpJewel – Sensual Strong Legs Up

  3. Black Pacino (verified owner)

    Tammy has incredible legs and in the last quarter of this clip, we get the kinda view we need more of at The Emporium: SHOW ME THE QUADS. Calves always a get their due here but the thighs need equal shine, especially thighs as solid & intricately-sculpted as Tammy’s… the front view delivers of this clip big time. I got excited watching her sexy stroll… and the buns are big time. World class clip 🏆

    Tammy - Walking Bangin’ Legs and Booty CleavageTammy – Walking Bangin’ Legs and Booty Cleavage

  4. algrdn2 (verified owner)

    Looks Awesome. Really need more of these…….

    Tammy - Walking Bangin’ Legs and Booty CleavageTammy – Walking Bangin’ Legs and Booty Cleavage

  5. ralmcg (verified owner)

    Sexy Daisy Dukes shorts to show off those beautiful legs.

    Maria - Sexiest Strong Legs EVERMaria – Sexiest Strong Legs EVER

  6. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    God she is so perfect!!! Those legs. Perfect arches. Amazing super hot calves. Strong and curvacious thighs. I feel completed! As I have said in other comments her shoots are an instant buy! I can’t fight the urge

    Maria - Sexiest Strong Legs EVERMaria – Sexiest Strong Legs EVER

  7. bacopedalbar (verified owner)

    OMG that’s perfect!!! Alina is gorgeous and this set is amazing! Love the pose on 6:40, when she is sitting on the floor and we can see a great angle of her calves and thigs!

    Alina - Barefoot and Thick Legs Motion 2Alina – Barefoot and Thick Legs Motion 2

  8. VernAA (verified owner)

    See my comments under the 4K series. Eyes and heart are still panting here!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    [HD] Annie - Calf Muscle Poppin’ Smooshes[HD] Annie – Calf Muscle Poppin’ Smooshes

  9. VernAA (verified owner)

    The word is “Gaze,” because that is all that occurs whenever the clips in HD and 4K play. And it has been like that since they were released, more than many weeks ago. 😂😎😍🤗

    What exactly is a “Smoosh” anyway? And Why do these clips keep stopping me in my tracks and causing such confusion? Most of Annie’s clips available now along with selected favorites of others are already stored away (thanks to the pandemic) and viewed on a selected basis as top notch, mind-pleasing “Works of Art.” So how come whenever Annie starts to “Smooshing” on these I start to “losing my mind?” 😊 😊 😊

    [Back story – The clips, if not mistaken were filmed around the same time her “Turf Toes and Legs” photo set was made. And from that for me my eagerness to view them was not at the highest level due to my earlier misjudgment of Turf Toes (meaning, it was rarely chosen for viewing when compared to her other Shoot 5 sets). Yet once again like my take with “Cowgirl Leg Thrills,” that was, “Before” I saw the clips. Oh, what a difference a video can make, and it is noted now on “Turf Toes and Legs.”]

    All said, the ending word is “Captivating”, and the statement kinda goes like this: “That side-to-side swaying “Smoosh” thing is a dreamlike act of enjoyment that works like “Legs for Days Nirvana” with a holiday gift all wrapped up in one!!” Good stuff!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Remarkable work by the Legs Emporium Team once, twice and three times over again. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    [4K] Annie - Calf Muscle Poppin’ Smooshes[4K] Annie – Calf Muscle Poppin’ Smooshes

  10. VernAA (verified owner)

    “This is …. a Lovely Way …. to Spend an Evening …. can’t think of anything, … I’d rather do ….,
    This is …. a Lovely Way …to Spend an Evening …. can’t think of anyone…as lovely as you ….,
    [Last verse] This is …. a Lovely Way …to Spend an Evening …. that I could spend my days, …. just, enjoying the view.” 😎😍🤗😂

    OK, let’s just say this was a lovely shoot, “Intimate, Soft and Open” as I’ve sung those words more than once whenever the set plays. And seeing Annie in strappy heels, a leg baring jumpsuit with her “Legs for Days” figure has really been a sight to relish. Those heels, those legs, that face, and that hair all merge as relaxing “Laid Back Legs of Beauty.” Making it Very, and I do mean Very, Easy on the Eyes…!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Great shots and presentation by the Legs Emporium team in illustrating the closeness of the set! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Annie - Turf Toes and LegsAnnie – Turf Toes and Legs

  11. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    Maria is an instant purchase. Especially these school girl shoots….she is extraordinary! She just drives me insane. Perfection and hotness! I would marry Maria yesterday!!!! That mix of feminine but at the same time muscular legs can give me a heart attack. God she is perfect!

    Maria - Plaid Skirt Legs BombMaria – Plaid Skirt Legs Bomb

  12. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    What can I say about Jewel. She is amazing. Stunning. Seeing her legs makes me take a fast breath to fight the awe. Amazing massive sexy legs. Strong and with curves!! Hot Perfection!

    Jewel - Sensual Strong Legs BeautyJewel – Sensual Strong Legs Beauty

  13. radcliff999 (verified owner)

    My GOD!! I can’t deal with Maria’s hot barrage of super heated hot sexy legs!!! Dear Lord. Just have mercy on me…I don’t know why but I feel like a sinner watching Maria’s hot legs. She is pure addiction……

    Maria - School Girl Strong Legs DreamMaria – School Girl Strong Legs Dream

  14. Frank

    Maria has a pair of the most amazing legs! The are fantastic!

    Maria - Strong Legs BabeMaria – Strong Legs Babe

  15. Roxie-fan 🙂

    mmmmhhh…extremly sexy super-muscle-legs !

    Roxie 4 - Dancing Exquisitely Muscular LegsRoxie 4 – Dancing Exquisitely Muscular Legs

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