1. erniefnorling (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased a lot of videos from here. This one is the hottest by far. If you like heels, socks, bare feet, and wonderful legs, buy this one. Stunning.

    Tammy - Steps to Thick Leggy GoodnessTammy – Steps to Thick Leggy Goodness

  2. Benny/Leggyfilms (verified owner)

    I am a huge huge fan of Julia, I would describe her and her incredible legs as a gentle leggy beauty. She is quite loveable. This set is deceptively sexy and erotic in my opinion. The views and angles are so sexy and really highlight Julia’s shapely tight calves, little hearts. Absolutely gives off the vibe of a leggy lady at the grocery store with eye catching calves that just sooth that calf muscle itch every true Legaphile has. I highly recommend this set of you have a love for the girl next door kind of babes, or the very feminine gentle leggy girl who will totally satisfy that leggy craving. Also shootout to the photographers for the lightning and great shots of Julia! 🔥🔥

    Julia - College Cutie with the Beautiful StemsJulia – College Cutie with the Beautiful Stems

  3. radcliff999

    Although I am not so much a fan of women wearing sneakers while showing their legs (cause I really love legs and feet bare and as a whole), nevertheless I am buying that nuclear shoot. Zlata’s legs are nuclear warheads primed and ready to obliterate everything!!! <3 Thumbs up!!! Zlata is a Barbarian Queen unleashed!

    Zlata - Sneakers, Mirror and Muscular LegsZlata – Sneakers, Mirror and Muscular Legs

  4. Crewed (verified owner)

    Anytime you see a Lina set, buy a Lina set. Never disappoints.

    Lina - Gorgeous Gams and Luscious LegsLina – Gorgeous Gams and Luscious Legs

  5. briengraziano (verified owner)

    There’s something about Maria. What the world needs is more Maria, after that… World peace

    Maria - Thick, Fit and Sexy LegsMaria – Thick, Fit and Sexy Legs

  6. briengraziano (verified owner)

    There’s just something about Maria! I’ve bought every set without hesitation

    Maria - Squatting Calf Muscle SqueezesMaria – Squatting Calf Muscle Squeezes

  7. bacopedalbar (verified owner)

    AMAZING set. Jewel is unbelievable and I love when there is a new video/photo set of her.
    She looks so confident, dominant and powerful. She knows exactly the poses she has to do to let everyone crazy and I’m sure she manages to get whatever she wants. I hope there is a video of this!

    Jewel - Pink Beauty with EPIC LegsJewel – Pink Beauty with EPIC Legs

  8. Andy Wright (verified owner)

    There is a lot of amazing women on here, but none can compare to Jewel. I only hope there is a video of this set…

    Jewel - Stockings Containment FailureJewel – Stockings Containment Failure

  9. radcliff999

    She definitely worked those legs. Amazing upgrade. Now her legs seem stronger, more toned and amazingly and harmonicaly bigger. Stunning!! I love it when a model works with her body making it even more beautiful as time passes by! Good Job Anastasia! You rock!

    Anastasia - Promising Legs ArtistAnastasia – Promising Legs Artist

  10. williamtwardy (verified owner)

    Another epic photo set. Tera might have just taken over my number one spot. She’s incredible.

    Tera - Sneakered Babe with Epic LegsTera – Sneakered Babe with Epic Legs

  11. Stinger (verified owner)

    This is one of the nicest videos of Elena, along with the other three of her in the green top. Great work.

    [HD] Elena - Intimate Dreams with the Legs Goddess[HD] Elena – Intimate Dreams with the Legs Goddess

  12. lagodellabilancia (verified owner)

    We all know Helena’s beauty but in this video she is also incredibly sensual, the most beautiful video I have ever seen!
    Thanks Helena

    [4K] Elena - Intimacy through Dangling Leg Crosses[4K] Elena – Intimacy through Dangling Leg Crosses

  13. legger85

    Could it be that Anastasia has been focusing on her legs lately. Her calves look rock hard and chiseled. Awesome photoset. Love her for providing us with so much good content over the years. Keep on rocking!

    Anastasia - Promising Legs ArtistAnastasia – Promising Legs Artist

  14. ralmcg (verified owner)

    Love this video. Diana Schnaidt wears a sexy pair of Daisy Dukes shorts. They show off those fabulous legs and nice bare feet, marks, bruises, veins, and all.

    Diana Schnaidt - Shredded Calves and BarefeetDiana Schnaidt – Shredded Calves and Barefeet

  15. sammohung (verified owner)

    Great set. She’s always gorgeous and there are great shots. Thank you all.

    Melinda - Stripped Bad Ass Legs WomanMelinda – Stripped Bad Ass Legs Woman

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