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    As I said and I always say…..ok Jewel is a Goddess…but when you combine those hot,sexy massive sculpted legs with those super worked glutes……I am already breathing in and out inside a plastic bag to calm myself…..

    Jewel – Legaphilia’s Ultimate Photo Set

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    Jewel always go to the head of the leg model class. Those legs are celestial..

    Jewel – Bed, Stilettos and a Beauty

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    lightwave.research (verified owner)

    LE is a wonderful resource and keeps getting better. My favorite models are Annie, Jewel, Maria, Alena C – the thicker ones! IMHO these women are at their best in sundresses and heels rather than cutoff jeans and sneakers. A question; for models who’ve been on LE for years and may no longer be in training for track / field or dance, how do they maintain their spectacular fitness?

    [4K] Annie – Sundress and Gorgeous Gams

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    legger85 (verified owner)

    Tara became a personal favorite instantly. Her legs are the perfect balance between athelticness and slenderness. The slightly visible veins furthermore highlight the spikes of her calf muscles. Last but not least she also has beautiful feet. I am so looking forward to new shoots with her. Keep up the good work!

    Tara – Quads, Calves, Jeans Shorts and Strappy Stilettos

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    Black Pacino (verified owner)

    Rebecca’s calves are so phat & heavy I call them “bell bottoms.” Her beautifully sculpted, one-of-a-kind gams are the sole focus here… the perfect kind of video for leg worship. I enjoyed this thoroughly, Rebecca’s become one of my L.E. faves.

    Rebecca – Walking Phat Calves

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    Although I am not so much into petit and lean or slender legs for some reason uknown Katya’s amazingly shaped and toned legs and those divine calves drive me insane!!!! Her lines are amazing…its like a finest sculptor made her chiseled legs and along with them finished his magnum opus!!! I am definitely buying this photoshoot and the other works with her. She is amazing. Her legs raw art!

    Katya – Saint Nick’s Favorite Stop

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    Patr1 (verified owner)

    Boobie’s lean legs look great as she stretches and works them, giving us a perfect view . The vascularity is just amazing. Super sexy conditioning.

    Bobbie Stone – Vascular Leg Squats 1

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    stinger_kev (verified owner)

    Great bundle. Lots of Elena for a low price. Highly recommended.

    [BUNDLE] Elena – Golden Goddess

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    mscian (verified owner)

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    Marko – legs fetish (verified owner)

    So thicc and sexy legs with heels. She is so beautiful girl. Still my favorite girl. Really wanna see these legs more and more, closer and closer. Some guy will be lucky with her.

    Alina – Ascending Legs to Lotion and a Railing 1

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    Black Pacino (verified owner)

    Anastasia is proof that God is a Leg Man; He broke the mold after sculpting this woman’s breathtaking gams, with fine-chiseling around every muscle from thigh to calf. The only thing more stunning than the beauty of Anastasia’s legs is the skill in which she works them… the sexy movements & arousing positions she makes in this clip left me dehydrated. Keep water handy while watching this one cuz it’s a SCORCHER. I cheated on Annie to cop this clip but the intricate musculature of Anastasia’s legs made it a worthwhile affair. This is a MUST HAVE for Legaphiles.

    [4K] Anastasia – Sculpted Calves Vixen

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    Black Pacino (verified owner)

    From the early days of the Emporium, I always thought Olga’s legs were among the finest I’d ever seen, perfect combo of shape & thickness… but her new “Business Woman” shoot rekindled the flame. I went retro & copped this simple-but-sexy clip that focuses on what’s important: THOSE GAMS. Nothing else to run interference, not even her pretty face… this is a leg show in it’s purest form. I’d cal it “bare bones” but there’s nothing bony about these voluptuous, active gams. Excellent clip!

    Olga T. – The Shape of Legs Love

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    Black Pacino (verified owner)

    Another great purchase. It’s hard for me to get through Annie’s clips without exploding… those thoroughbred legs excite me like none other. The work she puts in here is very arousing. Usually the focus is on Annie’s calves, which are the rock-solid crown jewels of her legs… but in this flick we admire the greatness of her legs overall, front-to-back. A real treat for an Annie fanatic like me.

    [4K] Annie – Beautifully Powerful Legs 2

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    khalidstrickland (verified owner)

    In my humble opinion, Annie has the best legs at this site… and that’s saying a lot considering that ALL of the Gam Goddesses at L.E. are elite. However, Annie’s superhuman calves stand out among a roster full of standouts… and this video is further proof of her greatness. The poses, the movement, so powerful yet graceful… those legs are poetry-in-motion. I enjoyed this flick thoroughly & highly recommend it.

    [4K] Annie – Powerfully Beautiful Legs

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