1. bacopedalbar (verified owner)

    I’m not surprised to see that this is the most popular video at Legs Emporium. I love to see how comfortable she looks and the way she moves her unbelievable muscular legs. The camera is so close that sometimes it seems that it’s almost possible to touch Jewel’s legs. Amazing!!

    [4K] Jewel - Perspective of Leg Dreams 2[4K] Jewel – Perspective of Leg Dreams 2

  2. Black Pacino (verified owner)

    I’m a sucker for length so Liza’s mile-long, lean-muscular legs intrigued me from the time she joined The Emporium… but I didn’t splurge on her until this clip, which I couldn’t resist. I’m sooooo glad I did. Liza’s gams have a fantastic combination of length & chiseling… her calves aren’t as thunderous as Annie’s but still phat & beautifuly-chiseled. She moves her legs very gracefully on the staircase. I really like this flick & plan to buy more stuff from Liza… she’s on my A-list now.

    Liza - Long Legs Dancing on Stairs 1Liza – Long Legs Dancing on Stairs 1

  3. benjamin.dav10 (verified owner)

    I have a request:
    PLEASE, can anyone tell her she’s a gift to the eyes ?
    She makes every photosets AWESOME.

    Anastasia - Tank Girl Pop Rockin’ LegsAnastasia – Tank Girl Pop Rockin’ Legs

  4. VernAA (verified owner)

    See my full comments in the 4K listing. Good Stuff!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    [HD] Annie - Legs Up, Down and All Around[HD] Annie – Legs Up, Down and All Around

  5. VernAA (verified owner)

    The “Legs Up” poses are so stunning that it is hard for me to imagine more alluring scenes. My impression of both Clips in HD and 4K, “So Good!!,” “So Good!!” They are mesmerizing and tempting at the same time. 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Everything seems to work! There’s Annie’s hair, her eyes, the killer open toe heels-she should never lose, and that jump suit that blend to draw attention to those lovely legs of sensual beauty. “Legs for Days,” Really! Likewise, her candid expressions matched with the tempo of the Shoot reveal the excellence of presence by everyone involved. 😍😂😎😍🤗

    One of Annie’s best presentations yet (for me), and that is from a list of gorgeous “Short-story” clips that I simply will not say just how many times I’ve done a “Rewrite,”.…in my dreams. 😍😂😎😍

    The HD is good viewing with the 4K more up close, intimate and personal. Regardless, whichever is used to view them might leave you as “Dizzy” as they do me, with “Pleasant dreams of ecstasy!!” Good stuff!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Wonderful presentation by the Legs Emporium team once again!! Honesty, whoever envisioned the Shoots, setups and presentations from Turf Toe Legs Photo, to Calves Muscle Poppin’ Smooshes and now these should be commended!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    [4K] Annie - Legs Up, Down and All Around[4K] Annie – Legs Up, Down and All Around

  6. rzewow

    Beautiful double crossed legs !!!

    Anastasia - The Art of Legs CrossingAnastasia – The Art of Legs Crossing

  7. rzewow


    Elena - Legs Crossing Legs ArtElena – Legs Crossing Legs Art

  8. VernAA (verified owner)

    Great legs, Great heels!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    See my full comments under Annie’s Red Heels & Strong Legs 1.

    Annie - Red Heels & Strong Legs 4Annie – Red Heels & Strong Legs 4

  9. VernAA (verified owner)

    Great legs, Great heels!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    See my full comments under Annie’s Red Heels & Strong Legs 1.

    Annie - Red Heels & Strong Legs 3Annie – Red Heels & Strong Legs 3

  10. VernAA (verified owner)

    Great legs, Great heels!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    See my full comments under Red Heels & Strong Legs 1.

    Annie - Red Heels & Strong Legs 2Annie – Red Heels & Strong Legs 2

  11. VernAA (verified owner)

    Question: How can you make Annie’s “Red Heels and Strong Legs” Clips 1-4 any better?

    Answer: If you are lucky, try watching them again in 4K. Those legs, those legs, those legs!! Those heels, those heels, those heels!! “Visual paradise!!”😍😂😎😍🤗

    Referenced now as “Hidden Gems,” in a recent Newsletter, and honestly, even if you have seen them before it’s worth the time to revisit the experience again. Simply put, attractive elegance has no expiration date. The matching colors with the setting are impeccable combined with Annie’s exquisite leg poses. And I got dizzy more than once with those alluring moves but still had to jot something down for comment. 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Excellent presentation by the Legs Emporium team!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Annie - Red Heels & Strong Legs 1Annie – Red Heels & Strong Legs 1

  12. VernAA (verified owner)

    “Stockings Wrapped Strong Legs” is not just a mere continuation of… “Strong Legs Armoured.” It was, however, for me a Part 2 of the earlier shoot that should not be missed.

    This was a pleasing, breathtaking view of Maria cast in a gorgeous black dress, with matching open heels and stockings. Simply, IMHO the photo shoots of Parts 1 …Armoured, & 2…Wrapped, alone were remarkable in colors and background props that really set the tone. 😍😂🥰😎😍

    Also, at the end that “Walk off Strut” off the set with confident grin intact, clearly illustrated total awareness of “Mission accomplished” by the entire team, including the star attraction. A nice ending, worth a few double takes to take it all in. Yes, that strut is a showstopper, and indeed “Mission accomplished!!” 😍😂🥰😎😍

    Again, Kudos to the Legs Emporium team! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Maria - Stockings Wrapped Strong LegsMaria – Stockings Wrapped Strong Legs

  13. VernAA (verified owner)

    Really, nice! Maria in black attire with heels and those athletic shapely legs will forever be a standout attraction. Moreover, the covered, uncovered leg views, especially the seated ones are worth the price of admission, again and again! Another Good Shoot!! See my full comments under “Stockings Wrapped Strong Legs.” 😍😂🥰😎😍

    Kudos to the Legs Emporium team! 🤗🤗🤗

    Maria - Strong Legs ArmouredMaria – Strong Legs Armoured

  14. orlarqui007 (verified owner)

    It is one of the best photos of María, highly recommended, the way she poses those incredible legs, it is so fascinating, I hope and get more out of María, especially wearing shorts, I think that is what makes her look better.

    Maria - Denim Shorts and Leg MusclesMaria – Denim Shorts and Leg Muscles

  15. orlarqui007 (verified owner)

    Very beautiful María, as always, those legs that I love, the truth is that her legs are incredibly perfect, definitely added to my collection, I am a faithful follower of María, I hope I can add more of her, 100% recommended

    Maria - Never Ending Sexy Strong LegsMaria – Never Ending Sexy Strong Legs

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