Maria – Stockings Wrapped Strong Legs

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  1. VernAA (verified owner)

    “Stockings Wrapped Strong Legs” is not just a mere continuation of… “Strong Legs Armoured.” It was, however, for me a Part 2 of the earlier shoot that should not be missed.

    This was a pleasing, breathtaking view of Maria cast in a gorgeous black dress, with matching open heels and stockings. Simply, IMHO the photo shoots of Parts 1 …Armoured, & 2…Wrapped, alone were remarkable in colors and background props that really set the tone. 😍😂🥰😎😍

    Also, at the end that “Walk off Strut” off the set with confident grin intact, clearly illustrated total awareness of “Mission accomplished” by the entire team, including the star attraction. A nice ending, worth a few double takes to take it all in. Yes, that strut is a showstopper, and indeed “Mission accomplished!!” 😍😂🥰😎😍

    Again, Kudos to the Legs Emporium team! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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