[4K] Annie – Legs Up, Down and All Around

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1 review for [4K] Annie – Legs Up, Down and All Around

  1. VernAA (verified owner)

    The “Legs Up” poses are so stunning that it is hard for me to imagine more alluring scenes. My impression of both Clips in HD and 4K, “So Good!!,” “So Good!!” They are mesmerizing and tempting at the same time. 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Everything seems to work! There’s Annie’s hair, her eyes, the killer open toe heels-she should never lose, and that jump suit that blend to draw attention to those lovely legs of sensual beauty. “Legs for Days,” Really! Likewise, her candid expressions matched with the tempo of the Shoot reveal the excellence of presence by everyone involved. 😍😂😎😍🤗

    One of Annie’s best presentations yet (for me), and that is from a list of gorgeous “Short-story” clips that I simply will not say just how many times I’ve done a “Rewrite,”.…in my dreams. 😍😂😎😍

    The HD is good viewing with the 4K more up close, intimate and personal. Regardless, whichever is used to view them might leave you as “Dizzy” as they do me, with “Pleasant dreams of ecstasy!!” Good stuff!! 😍😂😎😍🤗

    Wonderful presentation by the Legs Emporium team once again!! Honesty, whoever envisioned the Shoots, setups and presentations from Turf Toe Legs Photo, to Calves Muscle Poppin’ Smooshes and now these should be commended!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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