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Anastasia – Sculpted Calves Strength on Ladder

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Jewel – Strong Legs in Black and Red

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Liza – Unlimited Beauty and Legs for Days

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Latest Updates - Video Clips

Zlata – Kick-Ass Legs and Stilettos

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[4K] Barbie – Barefoot and Mirrored

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Elena – Legs Walking through Your Mind

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  1. Tyvian Corry (verified owner)

    This set is absolutely amazing, and considering it’s almost summer, Jewel is the best qualified leggy candidate to make this type of shoot happen. The minute I saw that she was barefoot as well, I knew I had to have the set. It was a playful shoot and it looks like she truly enjoyed it. Her legs left me pretty much speechless as well. Her bare feet was definitely an added bonus and I hope you do more models that are barefoot. Definitely worth the purchase from this set. I just wished it could have had some more close up shots of her and her beautiful soles as well. Thanks again LegsEmporium for a job well done!!!! Kudos!!!!!!!! Til the next set comes again, I will be buying each and every single last one that you feature barefoot.

    Jewel - Wet and Wonderful Legs and ToesJewel – Wet and Wonderful Legs and Toes

  2. radcliff999

    I am totally in love with jewel!

    Jewel - Wet and Wonderful Legs and ToesJewel – Wet and Wonderful Legs and Toes

  3. matthewlynchpsyd (verified owner)

    Excellent Video!! Maria has just gorgeous LEGS! Please make more videos like this where models are laying on their tummy’s and they are simply flexing their legs. Get a better shot of the calves! Thank You Maria

    Maria - Legs Fetish Bed and Bare Feet HDMaria – Legs Fetish Bed and Bare Feet HD

  4. jlaw15 (verified owner)

    Love that gorgeous redhead and her smooth creamy sexy legs!!!

    Tanya - Long Calves Red Haired CutieTanya – Long Calves Red Haired Cutie

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Mission Statement

Our dream, our end goal, is to take this fetish, the love of Sexy Shapely Female Legs, and break the “glass ceiling” on what is considered by many an underground genre.

By filming our models in a modern day pin-up style with all the leanings of the classic Cheesecake imagery of Petty and Elvsgren, we hope to reach a more diverse audience, making them more open and accepting of this fetish.

We want to bring to the masses, “the mainstream”, a new understanding of what is Legaphilia.

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