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Tammy – Strong Legs in Action

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Rebecca – Exquisite Long Legs Beauty

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Alisa – Sexy Legs in the Kitchen

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Latest Updates - Video Clips

Nikolett & Csilla – Cozy Couch of Bodacious Legs

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Zlata – Kick-Ass Legs and Stilettos

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[4K] Barbie – Barefoot and Mirrored

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  1. ralmcg (verified owner)

    Ms. Kiralyvari is one foxy woman. She wears sexy tank top and beaded jean shorts. The calves and the rest of her legs are delightful to look at. She is the sexiest in the middle third of the picture collection, when she is barefooted. I didn’t even mind the high heels at the last third or so of the collection. It was just her and a box, making her stand more than with a lot of clutter.

    Nikolett Kiralyvari - Denim, Chucks, and Thick Shapely LegsNikolett Kiralyvari – Denim, Chucks, and Thick Shapely Legs

  2. ralmcg (verified owner)

    This is the photo album I like. A short-haired woman with sexy jean shorts wearing sensible sneakers, not high-heals like some other pictures. And Kaylee’s legs are great to look at.

    Kaylee - Runners ParadiseKaylee – Runners Paradise

  3. ralmcg

    I bought this as part of the bundle and she has fantastic legs that are a joy to look at. There are some pictures that moved me in a melancholy way. Those are the pictures of her in a broken, abandoned building with wood and tiles on the ground.

    Olga T - Legs Of SteelOlga T – Legs Of Steel

  4. ralmcg (verified owner)

    I enjoyed watching Olga T., in both pictures and videos. She looks adorable and has nice legs. One thing though. The description of the bundle says 4 photosets and 22 video clips. I counted only 18 video clips in my order. Maybe the description counted the photosets as videoclips by mistake..

    [BUNDLE] Olga T. Shoot 1.[BUNDLE] Olga T. Shoot 1.

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Mission Statement

Our dream, our end goal, is to take this fetish, the love of Sexy Shapely Female Legs, and break the “glass ceiling” on what is considered by many an underground genre.

By filming our models in a modern day pin-up style with all the leanings of the classic Cheesecake imagery of Petty and Elvsgren, we hope to reach a more diverse audience, making them more open and accepting of this fetish.

We want to bring to the masses, “the mainstream”, a new understanding of what is Legaphilia.

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