Powerful Legs

Her Legs are never ending shapely power.

They aren't overly defined like a bodybuilders, and they aren't just thick.  Maria's legs are the perfect combination of power and shapeliness.

Defining her Legs as "Power Body" is easy, but they have something more than just the large element going for them.  It's that added ingredient that most "Power Body" Legs don't have; a soft, feminine, Sexiness that's hard to describe but easy to understand.

Her Calves are these huge balls of strength.  So, lovely and so strong.  Truly a beautiful sight for any Legophile's eyes.

During our first shoot with Maria she was shy, never having filmed in front of the camera before, but as she got more adjusted to the process she's become increasingly more natural with her movements and knowledge of what we're looking for.  I can't wait to see how she continues to develop, not only her shapely legs, but her camera personality.