Sexy Calves Sprite

She’s thin, toned, and flexible.  A ballerina trained redhead with a cute face and calves that all legophiles will adore.  

With an easy going attitude and the willingness to make things perfect, the “Next Big Thing” as we named her when she hit the scene, delivers in every way; sexappeal, energy, and rock hard sculpted calves.

When we started Legs Emporium we reached out to a number of great legged hotties to film for us and Anastasia was on that initial list, but due to other considerations she was unable to film then.  Luckily we survived long enough for her sweet sexy charms to make their way to our cameras and studio.  YES!

As you make your way through her, soon to be sizable, catalog of photo sets and clips, you’ll see that she’s the Queen of the Legs Squeeze, or maybe the Legs Squeeze Goddess.  She was our first model to really work on that pose for us and she killed it and made it something special that we now use as reference, and set the bar for the rest of our models to obtain.

She’s a delight to be around.  Always happy and full of smiles.  And those legs and calves, my oh my oh my!  I’m so happy we got her.