Use Navigation

  • You're on the site and you're looking for that special Legs model, there are three ways to find her quickly.
    • The first way is listed in the top menu, at the top of the page.
    • The second is in the right column, the side bar. Just click on the "+" symbol next to LE Models and you'll get a drop down menu of all our models allowing you to choose from their Model Page, (P) Photos Set or (V) Clips
    • For the third way, also in the right column, is the Search bar where you can search by Model's name as well as fetish.
  • For this example you're on Annie's page. You should see a list of all our models at the bottom of the Header Image. At the bottom of the models names are the titles of the items; Photos, Videos and All. Just click one to go to that page.

Pick Clips and Photos Sets You Want

  • Once at the page you will click on the item of interest. It will take you to another page where you will see the item information and preview images.

Add To Cart

  • Here is the item and all it's information.
    • If it's a Clip you'll see the total run-time.
    • If it's a Photo Set you'll see the total photos of that set.
    • Just below the main image are larger preview images. If you click the large image just left of the title and information you will see a full screen shot of that preview image.
    • Below that is the "Screenlist", many moments from the entire clip captured in one preview image.
    • Just click the Add to Cart button and you're good. Your item will be added to your Cart for Checkout.

Find Your Cart

  • After you have chosen an item, or many items, you can always find your Cart in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. It just floats there, folliwng you around like a lost puppy dog. It'll have your total listed as well. Click it and you're wisked away to the Checkout.


  • Once at the checkout you'll be able to see all the different items you've chosen, with individual prices and your total. If all is good, click the Checkout button!

Enter Your Info

  • Here's where you need to put your information.
    • Make sure the e-mail you put in the field is correct. This is where our automated system will send the downloadable links for your items.
    • Be sure to join our mailing list for our weekly newsletter full of sneak peek images and info about the inner workings of Legs Emporium. We also do "Newsletter Exclusive" specials. Trust me it's worth it, and it's FREE!
    • Now click the Continue button.
  • Here you will fill in your information.
    • If you're paying with Credit Card, make sure your information matches that on your card or it will get declined. Not to worry, we see none of that information and it's protected through encryption software by Truste.
    • If you have a Coupon Code enter it here, bottom right of page. You will still be asked to fill in your information, in the Credit Card field, just put in a bunch of "1s" and you'll be good.
    • The Big thing to do now is hit the Redeem button.
  • Side Note: If you want to pay via PAYPAL you can send the GRAND TOTAL amount of your items to and we'll send you a coupon code for your order.

Find Your Leggy Products

  • Finally, you will get in your e-mail a list of your items you've just purchased along with the links to download those items.
    • Your links are available for 24 hours.
    • If you have a problem of any kind just e-mail us at and we'll fix your situation.
    • All orders are recorded so if you lose something or don't get everything downloaded within 24 hours, we can easily get you those download links.
    • Never fear, we've got your back.