Victoria's Leggy Secret

So, I thought, lets film Elena in a Victoria's Secret hoodie and get her out there and make VS aware of her.  Of course it helps our site, but it would help Elena, and all of Legophilia.

Best case scenario, think about it.....If we can get Elena posing for Victoria's Secret, then she'd change their way of thinking about the female body.  They'd be more inclined to find some models with great legs to show off their clothing.  They already find some of the most amazingly beautiful women in the world.  Can you imagine how Elena posing for them would change more than just VS.  It could influence an entire industry.  And isn't that the goal?

Our vision is to help bring our fetish to the mainstream.  Why must it be just a fetish?  Why must it be just about this, or that.  Why can't it be the norm in modeling.  Then, everywhere we look we'd have visions of beautiful legs.

Now I know that alot of people mistake "Beautiful Legs", "Great Legs", "Legs for Days", "Sexy Legs", or whatever they want to label them as any woman showing her legs.  And this couldn't be further from the truth.  Just because a woman shows her legs doesn't mean she has "Nice Legs".  And I know an entire internet community, Reddit, who doesn't understand what nice legs are.  Sorry Reddit, it's true.  Nice Legs aren't legs void of shape.  Nice Legs aren't legs void of muscle.  They just aren't.  But I digress.  Sorry about the tangent.

Elena - Skin Tight Skinny Jeans and Shapely Legs

96 photos

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The point I'm trying to make is that getting one of our lovely legs models, whether it's from our site or any other, in front of a mainstream audience would do wonders for our fetish in making it more acceptable, which in turn would lead to more beautiful legged women being spotlighted throughout all media.

So, how in the world can we make that happen?  For now, I must figure out how to get Elena's images in the VS hoodie in front of VS.  Got any ideas?

WOW!  That was crazy and alot longer than it should have been.  This is about Elena's new photo set, 96 photos or her wearing those tight, tight jeans with a Victoria's Secret hoodie.  You're just not going to believe your eyes when you see how the shape of her legs still come through even with jeans on.  Awesome-sauce!

Below the photo set is the inspiration for this session.  We filmed Elena a while ago in her tight, tight blue jeans for a little photo set we gave away for free along with this behind the scenes clip.  The response to it was so amazing that we decided to do it up big and film her again.  And now you get to see the results with video footage coming in the near future.

Enjoy and THANK YOU for your ear/eyes.

Free "Behind the Scenes" footage from the first time we filmed Elena in jeans

Posted on October 27, 2016 .