Torn Stockings of Heavenly Legs

Elena does stockings in a BIG way...Legs Emporium Style!

It was an accident caused by a ring that Lulu wore that started us experimenting in the stockings fetish world.  She tore her stockings just as she put them on.  Suddenly, a spark of imagination ignited in Max's mind and we were off and running.  Get it...running?

Elena - Legs Goddess Art of Stockings 1

Duration 06:28

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Now, when we can, we film our models posing in stockings.  And why not?  We've got some of the most beautiful leggy women on the planet, and stockings accentuates their well endowments.

But we want to do something unique, something that takes advantage of our models personality as well as their shapely legs.

So.....after we film them showing off in these nylon enhancement garments, we let them do more than merely slip them off, we have them Tear Them Off!!

And now you get to bare witness to the Legs Goddess doing the same thing.  And boy oh boy does she kill it!

Enjoy!  I know you will!!

Elena - Legs Goddess Art of Stockings 2

Duration 06:27

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Posted on April 8, 2016 .