Thick Legs Out and Up

Bodacious is the first word that comes to mind when I look at Maria's legs.  Then, probably curvaceous for reasons I don't think I need to explain.  Followed closely by the word...thick! 

Maria - Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 3

Duration 03:22

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I think if they ever make an entry in the dictionary for "PHAT Legs" Maria's would be the image most associated with this phrase.  Afterall, PHAT stands for Pretty, Hot, and Tempting, and that's exactly the feels I get every time I look at her legs.  They are so round and smooth.  They're not overly chiseled but they definitely exude strength and power.  Luscious could be a good describer of them as well. 

Anyway, we hope you enjoy these three new clips featuring the kind of legs that make your brain drool and your heart pound into overdrive!


Maria - Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 1

Duration 03:47

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Maria - Face the Sky with Your Bodacious Legs 2

Duration 03:35

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Previously Released Photo Set that accompanies this Session.

Maria - Denim Shorts and Leg Muscles

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Posted on December 2, 2016 .