Shapely Beautiful Legs of Cheerleader

Long, slender, and shapely.....they're soft, smooth, and silky....they are beautiful legs, and they're attached to one of the sexiest women I've ever seen....our Cheerleader!

Cheerleader - Silky Smooth Lotioned Legs

Duration 03:24

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In these three new clips we get to drool, oogle, and fantasize about her legs being right here in the room with us as she's rubs lotion all over them before massaging it deep into her calf muscle tissue.

Then she does a series of poses that accentuates her delicate curves with delicious movements.

These clips aren't for the weak of heart.  They're for the full blown, ultra powerful Legophile's heart.  A heart that beats with the strong appreciation and knowledge of a part of a woman's anatomy that is real, that can't be faked, that is beauty created through years of action, years of movement, years of care. 


Cheerleader - Lovely Legs Parallel

Duration 04:12

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Posted on July 14, 2016 .