Sexy Long Shapely Legs of a Blonde Bombshell

She's Beautiful, possibly our most stunningly Sexy and addictive Legs model of our line-up.

Her Calf Muscles are Long and Luscious.  The shape of her legs are unbelievable.  From the top of her thighs, that amazing hip cleavage, hehe a new term I discovered, down to her feet.  Pure Legophilia Joy!!

Now, add in her incredible flexibility and you've got something special to behold.

As a side note.  I don;t think I've seen a woman wear jean shorts as nicely as Cheerleader.  I mean, I've seen denim shorts worn super tight, like Roxie wore for us, but never as sexy as Cheerleader.  Just a random thought I had to get out of my head.

Carry on and enjoy the show!

Cheerleader - Doorway to Legs so Fine 1

Duration 03:50

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Cheerleader - Doorway to Legs so Fine 2

Duration 03:49

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Cheerleader - Doorway to Legs so Fine 3

Duration 06:11

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Cheerleader - Long Legs, Denim, and Flexibility

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Posted on May 17, 2016 .