Sexy Legs Profile in Shadows

It's Friday so it must mean it's time for more Legs Goddess

This clip was filmed almost a year and a half ago on my birthday...Whoot! Whoot!!  Elena wore a new pair of heels I just got her.  Hhmmmmm, how does that work, for my birthday I give her a gift?  What sort of spell has she put on me?

Hehe, anyway....

This footage came not long after we debuted Rina.  During that session, (clips are below Elena's), Max played with the lighting to use more shadows to highlight the musculature of her calf muscles.

If I remember correctly, this came about because of a good accident when we filmed Alisa.  She walked out from the lighting and then walked back.  In that moment we saw how amazing her legs looked as the lighting changed in such an extreme manner.

So, it only seemed natural to have Elena do this style of scene for us to experiment with.  This clip is that footage.

Elena - Legs Profile in Silhouette

Duration 04:48

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Previously Released Footage of Rina

Rina - Sculpted Shapely Legs 1

Duration 03:43

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Rina - Sculpted Shapely Legs 2

Duration 03:54

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Rina - Calf Muscle Intensification 2
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Posted on March 25, 2016 .