Sexy Legs of the "Muscle Barbie" Megan Avalon

Yup!  You read that correctly.  We've got Megan Avalon, the Muscle Barbie, showing off her Shapely Legs for the Legophile community. 

In the first of 2 Updates, we've got 4 clips of Megan bringing the Sexy!  As you can see by the preview images this blonde haired muscular hottie knows how to play to the camera in a skimpy hot black dress.

Afterwards, Megan contacted us to say she Loved filming this content for us.  Enjoy what this Super Sensual Babe can bring to us Leg Lovers.


Megan Avalon - Muscle Barbie’s Sensual Curves 4

Duration 06::21

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Posted on February 29, 2016 .