Sexiest Muscular Calves Stockings Adventure 3

This is it...part 3 of Michelle Jin's "Stockings Adventure Legs Emporium Style" and we couldn't think of a better way to unleash the finale of the series than with a Giant-Sized "Muscle Monday" posting of 6 New clips!!

Allow your eyes to feast of those large, round, yet soft to the touch and rock hard to core, calf muscles of Mrs Jin's.  Take it all in.  First they're covered in dark nylon, accentuating each grove of serrated sinew, then watch as Michelle tears away the facade to reveal that the facade was no facade at all, it was the truth--the truth of her Incredible Legs, her Amazing Calves Muscles.  Watch as she frees them and gives you more than your eyes can feast on.

These 6 clips will keep you coming back, coming back, coming back for more, more, more of Michelle Jin.  This is like you've never seen her before.


Added Bonus - The Sale is still running until Wednesday at midnight.....You can use it on these.  Peace!!

Below are the first two parts of the largest muscular defined calves you've ever scene performing in a stockings fetish.  We don't make that boast lightly.  Trust us, you're going to love them.

Posted on August 1, 2016 .