Marilyn Monroe of Legophilia

She exploded on the legs scene a few years ago and has been lighting it up ever since.  Her calves are large, round, perfectly shaped muscular balls of sinew that make a Legophile dream of things that weren't possible a few years back.

Couple that with her natural all around beauty and we've got a very special woman flashing those shapely stems that are part soft and sexy, and part large and strong.

So, it wasn't hard to think that if you take one part Elena, one part flirty dress, and one part fan, mixed them together in a shoot that you would get the "Seven Year Itch" style of posing.....Marilyn Monroe Style! :-)


Elena - Legs Lovin’ Marilyn Monroe Style 2

Duration 05:04

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Elena - Legs Lovin’ Marilyn Monroe Style 1

Duration 06:20

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Elena - Flirty Red Passionate Legs

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Posted on August 19, 2016 .