Lynda Carter & Elena - 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

What does Lynda Carter have to do with our site where we give you endless visual pleasures of shapely female legs?  I'm glad you asked.  Here's the crazy silly answer.

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We've been having some of our models wear a Capitals hockey jersey with Nichlas Backstrom's number 19 adorning it.  And it goes without saying that obviously we'd have Elena wear the jersey.  In this small, sexy set of photos you'll find something very interesting.

If we play a little game of 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon but with Wonder Woman you'll see how Elena connects.  I thought it was quite cool when it dawned on me.

You see...Elena is our Wonder Woman, and yes, Lynda Carter is "The" Wonder Woman, but other than that how do they connect?  Again, good question, I'm glad you asked.

Well, Lynda Carter is an area resident of Washington, DC and she's a big Capitals fan.  Hehe, and guess who her favorite player is?  Yup, Nicky B., number 19.  And she was tweeted during a game last year sitting in the arena wearing her Backstrom jersey.  In fact, every time she appears on camera she's wearing her Backie jersey.  So cool!!!  The ultimate Wonder Woman and the Best Legged Wonder Woman cosplayer EVER brought together via a silly game of 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Hehe, see, it's crazy silly, but it does make sense.


Posted on July 22, 2016 .