Lovely Legs So Very Long

It's hard to believe that we found such a beautiful woman with such sexy long shapely legs to film for us.  These kinds of women, first of all, don't come along often.  Secondly, they don't feel comfortable filming for any kind of non-glamour sites.  But Cheerleader, as rare of a beauty she is, is also a rare and beautiful woman inside who understands what we're doing and enjoys her time in front of the camera making us Legophiles some of the happiest people in the world.


As you're watching these clips, be sure to notice that here is a pair of incredible legs that aren't like the others.  Cheerleader has a unique and amazing shape to her legs with those long calves muscles and super sexy thighs that end at a well rounded bum.

In these 3 new clips you'll see all the patented flexibility you've come to expect from her wrapped up in a pair of nice tight denim jean shorts. :-)  And we've got some mirror action for you too.

So, kick back and enjoy this tall drink off water on a hot, hot, hot sunny day.


Cheerleader - Mirror, Mirror Sexy Legs

Duration 05:39

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Posted on June 8, 2016 .