Leg-o-pedia Entry - Long Calf

YAY!!  Another entry in the Leg-o-pedia!  This entry should have been the previous entry "Leg-o-pedia Entry Long Calf and More" but I got sidetracked and ended up losing my way.  So, now I'm finally going to explain the "Long Calf"

The Long Calf is when the calf muscle is elongated and instead of curving in tightly to the bone, about half way down the shin, it slowly tappers off closer to the ankle.  Kind of giving a "thick ankle" look but not a "Kankle". 

Usually the calf muscle isn't quite as well defined, it can be strong, it can be muscular, but it doesn't have that overly chiseled look.

This kind of muscle is often found on tall women.  Very few with this kind of leg still maintain a Beautiful Shape.  Luckily for us we have a few and they're all tasty and shapely. :-)

Now this explanation isn't a muscularity definition.  Obviously the muscles around the calf is what is making this particular look, it's not just the major calf muscle.  This is a description of profiles.  We aren't a muscle site so I see no need to be overly technical.

Below are two of the more Muscular Legs Models, Alisa and Maria.  I always like to refer to Alisa's legs as "Britney Spears Legs" and they really are.  Take a good look at Britney's legs and you'll see that "Long Calf" muscle shape I'm talking about.  Both Alisa and Maria have this delicious look.

Next up I'll cover the "High Calf".  Judging from the title I bet you'll be able to figure this one out.

Posted on January 20, 2016 .