Librarians Sexy Calves

Sexy, Slim, and Sleek with a nice Silky Smooth look about them and just enough Calf Muscle to drive your inner Legophile wild.  Could you imagine going to the library and seeing this cute brunette sitting there with her beautiful legs crossed and wondering how you got so lucky?

Of course you would grab any book and act like you were reading just so you could get a good view of the action and hope she didn't catch you staring.  And be very mindful that you're not holding the book upside down. :-)

Guess what?   You don't have to worry, you can stare all you want as you view these two new clips featuring the killer legs of Julia!

Julia - Crossed Legs Reading 1

Duration 04:08

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Julia - Crossed Legs Reading 2

Duration 05:13

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Previously Released Photo Set that accompanies with Session

Julia - Sculpted Legs in Darkness

60 photos

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Posted on November 16, 2016 .