Legs Squeeze in Stark Light

Ah, Julia and her beautiful calf muscles!  These two clips are shot from two different angles, with two different filming styles, and two different lighting styles, featuring her performing a series of leg squeezes that will blow your mind. 

The use of light in "Exquisite Calf Muscle Squeezes 1" is nothing short of Legs Art!  The starkness highlights the grooves in her sinews and makes for a visual smorgasbord of Legophile delights!

The second clip is old school Legs Emporium style with dynamic close ups and focus point changes.


Julia - Exquisite Calf Muscle Squeezes 1

Duration 03:37

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Julia - Exquisite Calf Muscle Squeezes 2

Duration 04:18

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Posted on December 27, 2016 .