Dynamic Legs Fetish with the Legs Goddess

We get nice and leg fetishy with this update as Elena shows us once again why she is the Legs Goddess.

In "Calf Muscle Flexing Intimacy" Elena sits on the floor with her legs extended in front of her and flexes them while we film her from a very close and intimate angle. 

Max first did this while filming Heather and it was mind blowing.  At that moment I knew we needed to film Elena the same way and this is that footage.

This clip is a must have for any Elena fan.  You'll see the full extend of her shapely gams and your jaw will drop in awe.

In the two following clips of "Her Silky Smooth Calves Muscles" it's all about massaging and squeezing of those very large calves of hers.

As an added bonus for this blog post, previously posted in an earlier Newsletter, this behind the scene photo grab spotlights a fun little moment.

Elena while preparing for filming experiments with a pillow to put behind her legs because the chair is too short.  Suddenly, Max who was adjusting the lighting knocks something over, off camera, that makes Elena giggle. :-)

Elena - Calf Muscle Flexing Intimacy

Duration 05:53

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Elena - Her Silky Smooth Calves Muscles 1

Duration 05:35

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Elena - Her Silky Smooth Calves Muscles 2

Duration 05:43

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Posted on June 3, 2016 .