Legs Goddess Demostrates the Legs Fetish

It's been awhile since we've released New Solo footage of Elena and trust me...it's well worth that wait.

We've filmed Elena doing all kinds of fun legs focused stuff in the past.  We've filmed her in the studio perfecting our pin-up style, we've filmed her on location in Venice, we've filmed her doing some insanely sexy dancing, and we've filmed her posing in jeans so tight they look painted on.  All of which has helped us grow our site immeasurably.

Now Elena is taking it to a New Level.....

Elena - Drop Dead Legs 1

Duration 04:04

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But first I want to explain what I mean by this.

Elena is arguably the most BEAUTIFUL Woman to film for the Legophilia community.

She follows a long line of Hot Women who have graced us with their glorious gams such as; Andrea Rosu, Randy Moore, Melody Jordan, and Scarlett Madison.  Each and every one of those women are super leg friendly, they are all very much Glamouresque models with Sexy Legs.   In this realm Elena has flourished, and in my humble opinion, taken it to a level not seen before.

Then, there is the "Deeper" Legophilia stuff; the tight shots, the waist down, or even knees down shots.  That footage that shows the muscles flexing, stretching, squeezing, and pinching--up close and in your face.  The kind of imagery that yells out "I'm a Sexy Strong Female Calf Muscle!"  This is something that Mongo Big Calves and Diamond Calves have long been mastering with the kinds of models that have Thick, Strong, Muscular Legs and Calveslike; Annie Mae, Alena Cristine, Daniela, and Penelope.

And we too have shot a lot of footage like this featuring; Annie, Roxie, Galina Titova, Alena Chumakova, Anastasia, Heather, and Sofia.

And now Elena can be added to that list. 

Elena - Amazing Legs and Snakeskin Wedges 1

Duration 04:05

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The newer footage we'll be releasing of her for the next few Friday's will be very much in line with the "Deeper" Legophilia stuff.  But never fear, Max has found a perfect balance between the deeper style and the pin up style--capturing the allure of Elena's Beauty while also capturing her unbelievably large, round, shapely calf muscles.

Enjoy the woman known as the Legs Goddess as she performs like never before.....Up close and personal.

In these two sets of clips, especially the "Drop Dead Legs" the use of the natural sunlight enhances the silky smooth sexiness of Elena's legs.  The light bathing her beautiful gams enriches her skin tone.  With each movement you can see the delicateness of her shapely features, and the addition of the transparent heels adds length to her already perfect stems.

With the "Amazing Legs and Snakeskin Wedges" clips Elena brings it to the Legs Squeezing realm of Legophilia.  It's calf smooshing goodness at it's very best.


Elena - Drop Dead Legs 2

Duration 05:10

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Elena - Drop Dead Legs 3

Duration 06:01

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Elena - Amazing Legs and Snakeskin Wedges 2

Duration 04:25

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Previously Released Photo Set that accompanies this Session

Elena - Calves Smoosh for the Legs Squeeze Guy

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Posted on February 26, 2016 .