Leggy Mirror Dancing

Sit back and prepare for a show starring the Ultra Shapely Legs and Large Calves of the redheaded seductress Annabelle Lee!

This scenario isn't something we do often, in fact, only two times prior with Elena and Andrea Rosu, which both are easily located below Annabelle's clip.

This has it all...sexy movements, super leggy positions, seductive flirtatiousness all wrapped up in a friendly pseudo striptease.  It's all here.

You're going to lose your mind.  Remember, I forewarned you.

Annabelle Lee - Reflections of a Striptease

Duration 05:01

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Andrea Rosu - Frazetta Girl 1

Duration 04:19

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Andrea Rosu - Frazetta Girl 2

Duration 04:46

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Elena - Reflections of a Striptease

Duration 06:12

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Posted on April 7, 2016 .