Leg-o-pedia Log Entry - Long Calf and more.....Oopps

It's been a little while since the last one and I apologize for that.  Fortunately for the Legophiles Collective we've been busy finding and filming more and more Shapely Sexy Legs and Calves models that I've not had time to write a new entry.  Now, I've been wanting to do this one for quite sometime and I'll try to explain my thoughts as clearly as possible.

First, lets rewind back to the last entry; the "S" Leg.  I used Andrea Rosu as one of the examples...

I just found another Wonderful example, actually two of them.  The first is Jill Rudison.  Good gawd does that woman's leg have Amazing shape to her profile.  Look at how round and curvaceous her calf, her quad and her hamstring are!!!  I can stare at this moment forever and never get tired of it.

Now, lets look at Elena's leg here.  Look at that shape.  Admittedly she doesn't have the big quads like Jill or Andrea, but it still works.  It's a looser "S", but the focus here isn't just about that, take a look at the sweet, smooth, sweeping contour of her calf muscle from this profile image.  That's the way all calves should look from the side.

And that brings me to another Leg-o-pedia entry for later on....I call it "Def-Con", followed by whatever the weakness is from the visual of the female leg. 

For instance, there are a lot of women whose legs look AMAZING from behind, but lack that beautiful shape from the front, this sadly is the most common case with sexy legs.  There are those legs that look great from the front and back, but not from the side.  I would refer to this as "Def-Con Profile", of course there's "Def-Con Front" and "Def-Con Back"  I'd like to point out that Elena doesn't have a "Def-Con" and that's why I admire her legs so much.  If we want to really break it down I guess we could go with "Def-Con Quad" or "Def-Com Hammie", hehe short for Hamstring.  Heck, maybe even "Def-Con Knee" because there are those with nice knees and those without. 

Now if a woman has multiple "Def-Con's" then I have no idea how to explain that with one name.  Really, who cares.  We try our best not to film any women with "Def-Cons", at least no more than one.

And PLEASE don't get me wrong, a woman with "Def-Con" anything, even more than one at a time can still have SEXY Legs, but usually that's because they are a sexy woman to begin with.

Well crude, looks like I took a turn somewhere and talked about something different than I had originally planned.  Oh well.  So, the "Long Calf" will wait for the next entry.

Now lets focus on examples.  Here, YK with her sexy legs show a "Def-Con Profile".  Still they look Amazing...again, please don't get me wrong, but this is the Leg-o-pedia and we have to make these overly detailed breakdowns.  As an example, YK's legs look Incredible from the front and back but lack that special shape from the profile (side).

Now, lets look at Elena's legs.  For me she's "Def-Con" less.  No weaknesses here.

Now, go back to the first image of Elena, the one with her on the floor.  If you look at her calf there's a unique development going on, and I think this is a HUGE reason why her legs are so appealing to us Legophiles.  Her calf muscle is very long, because of two reasons...

1) Her height, she a very tall woman

2) Because her calf can be that large and still contain an amazing shape of a "Power Body" legged woman.

And this is what I'll focus on with our next Leg-o-pedia entry--The definition of a "Long Calf".

PLEASE remember this is just my thoughts.  If you have anything you want to point out or add to the conversation, PLEASE feel free to comment below.  The Leg-o-pedia is meant to be for all Legophiles.  Just something of a guide.  When I look at women's legs I immediately think this stuff and now I'm writing it down.


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Posted on December 9, 2015 .