Discount Bin Special with Katya and Updates

YES! YES! YES!  We've Updated the Discount Bin and we're running a Special event to coincide with it.


For this week only we're marking down ALL of Katya's clips, EVERYTHING, all 13 of them for $1 each.  Yeah!  Can you believe it?  Her amazingly large calf muscles that are shaped like soft balls are yours for just $1 a piece.  Too Sweeeeeeeet!!

And if that wasn't enough, be sure to check out the Updated Discount Bin to see what deals we have in store for you.

We've got Anastasia, as well as a handful of the Legs Goddess, Elena, items marked down.  We've got Alena Chumakova, Natalya, Alisa, Nikolett, Csilla, and even our entire catalog of Olga Viazmetinova products.  And for the 1st time EVER, Cheerleader items are specially discounted.

Be sure to hurry while they're there because you never know when we'll change them up, especially this Katya deal that ends next Thursday the 14th of July.


Posted on July 8, 2016 .