Her Shapely Legs bathed in Many Sources of Light

YES!!  Oksana two weeks in a row for "Muscle Monday"!  Why not, you all seem to like her very much so we're giving you more of what you want.

We're keeping it on the stairs again, this time Oksana is standing up and bending over showing off those shapely stems from bum to bare feet.

The lighting on these clips, captured especially well from the second camera, is Amazing!!  It looks like three light sources are bathing her legs, and in doing so you can see all her smooth silky lines and sweet sinews.

When I first saw this footage I couldn't believe my eyes.  This is Beautiful Legs Art with a Gorgeous model. 

I would love to film all our models like this but the main light source was the sun and it was streaming through the windows just right.  This might have been a once in a blue moon type of event.

Oksana is still wearing those daisy dukes and bikini top.  She poses with her naked feet and then in a pair of blue wedges.  And for all you Legs Squeezing lovers out there, she does more of that for your viewing pleasure as well.

You will love every second of it and then ask for more. :-)

Oksana B. - Blue Wedge Fitness Legs

Duration 03:29

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Posted on January 25, 2016 .