Flowing Red Dress Fun with the Legs Goddess!

Hang on tight as Elena shows off her long shapely legs is a series of poses while on the floor just before getting up and dancing for us.

This footage was shot sometime around mid to late February about the same time we filmed her in the Wonder Woman outfit.  This was the first time Elena wore this dress, it was a Valentine's Day gift that I knew she'd look GREAT in.  But, lets face facts, it isn't hard to find things that Elena will look good in. :-)

She seemed to have fun with it and obviously it's become a staple for a lot of her posing sessions since.

Two things to pay attention to with this footage...

1) This clip is over 6 minutes long of pure, unadulterated Elena Legs goodness.

2) For those students of process, Max has upped his game on the editing side of the footage with the new intro and outro screens.  The footage will start right from the beginning, no more spinning logo, it's just great Legs footage from end to end.  And it will be accompanied with new musical overdubs. :-)


Elena - Red Dress Legs Posing

Duration 06:20

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Posted on December 4, 2015 .