Digital Legs Art featuring Roxie and more....

If you haven't noticed yet we're HUGE fans of art.  We film our content with that in mind.  We admire those who create art and relish their talents, effort, and passion for it.

Below are a series of recent paintings, both with traditional paint and digital reproductions of our models. 

If you're not familiar with our site, we have a beautiful art page dedicated to the artists who have done work featuring our models.  Just click on the button below for more.

Now for the most recent work.

First up is Nexure.  He did this piece using a couple images of Roxie from her first photo shoot.  This is the finished work--Roxie as Supergirl.  If you would like to see how he did it, he put together a nice little time lapse video clip for it -->> HERE! <<--

Here's another Nexure, this time of Nikolett Kiralyvari.  She loved this by the way.  Yes, we send our models the work that they inspired.  They really appreciate it! :-)

If you would like to contact Nexure for a commission of some kind, just click -->> HERE! <<--

Next up is the amazingly talented Dillan Weems.  If you like what you see here be sure to give him a shout out on his Facebook page, or Deviantart page and tell him so.

This piece was inspire by Elena in her Wonder Woman outfit and umbrella.  Gorgeous!!  He really captured her legs beautifully!

Posted on December 6, 2015 .