Debuting the Strong Muscular Legs and Calves of Akane Nigro

Get ready for a feast of Crossed Legs joy with a pair of the most muscular legs you'll ever see performing this kind of footage.  Hold onto your seats as Akane performs the, often times difficult position for female bodybuilders, double crossed legs.

The second camera is an overhead semi-selfie style shot that accentuates the main footage beautifully.

In addition we have two clips of Akane, bent over while standing up and flexing her amazing large calves muscles. 

This is Shapely Muscular Legs at it's best and an outstanding debut!


Akane Nigro - Stand and Deliver Rock Hard Legs 1

Duration 04:29

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Akane Nigro - Stand and Deliver Rock Hard Legs 2

Duration 04:31

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Posted on May 16, 2016 .