Cheer for L-E-G-S

Hehe, well, we do call her Cheerleader, so it only made sense to have her do some cheering for us Legophiles.

In these two sets you get a small taste of a sexy legged cheerleader doing her thing.  First in a more conventional cheer leading outfit, and then as our homage to the kick off of the new NHL hockey season, she cheers in a Nick Backstrom Capitals jersey.

Cheerleader's legs are so amazingly sexy.  Her thighs, slim and smooth, her calves long and shapely.  I can't quite explain in words how hot she is.  Maybe you can?  If so, put it in the comments, if not, enjoy the sets and prepare for more to come.

Cheerleader - Give Me An L-E-G-S!

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Cheerleader - Beautiful Legs Rocker

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Posted on October 12, 2016 .