Britney Spears Like Legs in Stockings Selfie

Selfie time with Alisa.  Every once in awhile we have our lovely legs ladies film themselves so we, Legophiles, can see what their legs would look like from their point of view.  While at the same time, we have our camera rolling, filming them film themselves.  Fun!

This footage it pretty sweet for a number of reasons.....

One....It's Alisa's super shapely calf muscles.

Two...She's got her sexy legs clad in dark stockings.

Three...It's Alisa!!

Four...Until recently, I didn't realize we hadn't released this footage.  So, it's kind of a found lost tape.  Hehe, we've got our own lost tapes.

Five...It's Alisa!!! :-)

Alisa - Shapely Stocking Legs Selfie

Duration 03:10

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Posted on March 31, 2016 .