Breathtakingly Sexy Legs and Shadows of Elena

These two new clips are going to floor you, so be sure to have a pillow on the floor to protect you from the falling.  The falling I'm referring to is one of Legophilia bliss. 


In these two clips Elena does a series of sexy posing with seductive slow movements.  She took a bunch of reference poses and put them together in a rhythmic movement like a pseudo-dance. 

Elena created this posing technique which you'll be seeing with our other models in the near future.  Some of it was on display in the Alexa dancing clips.  Those ideas came from this shoot with Elena.

Sit back and enjoy the show.  I know you will....:-)

Elena - Breathtaking Sexy Legs Movements 1

Duration 05:57

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Elena - Breathtaking Sexy Legs Movements 2

Duration 06:07

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Posted on April 1, 2016 .