Andrea and her Sexy friend Ludella Hahn...

....Double the Bodacious Leggy Fun!

YES!  Two of the shapeliest legs you'll find anywhere near our Legophilia community.  One is a Legs Legend, the other a fetish/pin up juggernaut, together they are the sexiest pair of ladies ever to pose for us Legs Lovers!

We have 3 new clips for your viewing pleasure all brought to us by the Incredible Andrea Rosu.  Yes, you owe her a big round of applause for bringing us Ludella Hahn. 

If for some strange reason your on the fence about drooling over these amazing pair of legs, and the best booties EVER to grace a Legophilia shoot, then enjoy the sneak peek video we created.  Afterwards, quickly grab your copies of this insane pairing, get out the paper towels and handy wipes, because you're going to have to clean up the drool you're about to make.  What did you think I was talking about? Hah!!

Andrea Rosu - Double Stockings Covered

Duration 05:09

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Andrea Rosu - Legs Up, Double Fun

Duration 05:04

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Posted on December 7, 2016 .