Amazing Legs on Television

I was watching a show last night, can't remember what it was called.  Not even sure I waited to find out.  Anyway...

So I'm watching it and there are two babes on there with nice legs.  My first thought was WOW, I need to DVR this, then I realized..."What am I talking about, I've got Legs Emporium!"  I mean, if I see a pair of sexy legs on the tube, I'm pretty sure we've got a model with legs just like hers and I wont have to wade through endless tons of crappy dialogue and bad camera angles to see her legs. :-)

Never-the-less, it was an emotion I hadn't had in a long time.

I can remember when I first saw Markie Post on Night Court.  Her legs were so shapely.  Her calves were so large and firm.  The next time I went gaga over a beautiful pair of legs was with Playmate Lisa Marie Scott.  Many years later I discovered Charisma Carpenter, Cordellia on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  After that, I wouldn't have that feeling again until I saw Elena's legs, and later Melody Jordan's.  That rush of excitement.  That need to see her in every way imaginable.  I can remember feeling nervous anticipation for the next time I would see her legs.  And then the undeterred hunt for more of her would begin.  But I digress.

Thinking back, I remember VHS recording every episode or movie Markie Post was in just so I could see her legs.  I remember her doing a show with John Ritter, Hearts Afire, and it was on Monday nights.  It was Legs magic, because just before or just after, I can't remember the order, Murphy Brown, staring Candice Bergen with her thick, strong calves, was on as well.  So, I could see Markie and Candice's legs all in the same night.

But damn, if it wasn't a pain in the ass fast forwarding through the commercials to see her legs.  Or the tracking issues you might have with a video tape.  And although DVRs are sweet and capture a beautiful image, getting past the ads that pop up around the screen is infuriating.  Oh, and how about your DVR's tracking bar being in the way?  ARG!! 

It's just so aggravating when you see the hottie's legs and then the scene cuts away from her. ARG!!  Or, how about when you get a glimpse of her in an outfit that shows off her legs and calves, like wearing a mini-dress with sexy heels, and you never get another full body shot again in that episode--just waist-up shots.  It's enough to make you smash your head against your television screen.  Why would they have her dress like that if they aren't going to show her in that outfit?


Luckily, that's behind me--that endless frustration. 

Legs Emporium is a dream come true.  Meeting Max, and putting together this site has been an joyous adventure to date.  And knowing that there are so many others out there, Legophiles, that LOVE this stuff makes it all worth while. 

THANK YOU for ALL your SUPPORT!!!  It's because of your support that allows us to continue filming.  We can't THANK YOU enough.

While I've got your attention, we've got a few REALLY NICE surprises coming soon.  We've got plenty more of Michelle Jin, Elena, Alexa, Andrea Rosu, and Jewel just to tease a few. 

And....We've got three new photographers possibly filming for us on a regular basis, there work will be showcased very soon.


Posted on February 10, 2016 .