Alena Chumakova's Weekend Special

Editor's Note: The Alena offer no longer applies, but it has important information and gives you an idea of some of the Specials we like to do from time to time.  THANKS for visiting!! :-)

So, you're surfing the net and find an image of a Beautiful Woman, in this case it's a Beautiful Woman with Great Legs.  You get excited, "WOW!  She's hot, just look at those legs!!" 

Elena - Hot Legs on Eight Wheels

54 photos

16 megapixels

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You follow the link and go to the site.  There you find not only the Leggy Model you first saw, but a large number of others.  "Great Caesar's Ghost!!" you say to yourself.

You start surfing around the site and find so many others you'd like to see posing and showing off their well endowed legs and calves, but sadly you only have so much money, and you're here for the Luscious Legs and Shapely Calves of the woman that brought you to the site to begin with.

If you've been in that situation, just like we all have, then I think you understand why we made a Discount Bin page.

In the Discount Bin area of our site, we mark down random Clips and Photo Sets of our models to allow you to sample those you've had your eyes on without breaking your wallet.

And to celebrate our Discount Bin we're doing a Special Weekend Deal......

This Weekend ONLY, that's 48 hours, we're running a SALE on all of Alena Chumakova's clips.

All of them!!! 

Some are discounted as much as 50% OFF.


If that wasn't cool enough....Anybody who makes a purchase during this weekend will get a Special Discount Offer!! 

**All the details of the Discount will be in your Confirmation E-mail Receipt.**

(Sale Ends Sunday, March 6th, Midnight)

You know you want them.  So what are you wait for? 

I'll get out of your way and let you at them.

Alena C - Legs Squeeze an Sunlit Ecstasy 4

Duration 04:59

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Posted on March 4, 2016 .