ART CONTEST....15 Days until Deadline!

It's not too late to enter.  The Deadline is January 31st.

Nexure's entry into the Nose Cone Art Contest featuring Elena, and in the foreground looking on is Sofia.  Nice touch.

RULES:  Turn any of our models images into Nose Cone Art.  Yeah, we're going Old School!!  Cheesecake and Nose Cone Art go hand in hand.

Immediately, I'm thinking WWII Bombers and Fighter Jets, but don't let that stop your imagination.  Why not nose cone art on the side of an X-wing fighter or a starship of your creation, or a flying boat suspended in mid-air by huge balloons or a blimp--the only limit is your imagination.

- You can change the clothing on the model however you like, BUT she CAN'T be NUDE, at least not showing nipple or private parts.

- You can pick from any of our images on DeviantArt.  If for some reason you find one that you like from our other social media outlets or website, let me know and I'll post it on DA.

PRIZES:  Are the same as our previous contest.  There will be a 1st Place Prize for Original Art (Re drawing the model, but the pose you select must stay the same.) and a 1st Place Prize for Digital Art.  2nd and 3rd Place Prizes will be chosen from the rest overall both Original Art or Digital Art.

1st Place Prize - $150 green-backs!  150 Dollars each to both winners.  (The money will be sent via Paypal, Amazon, however you like.)
2nd Place Prize - $100
3rd Place Prize - $50

DEADLINE: January 31st, 2016(I made it extra long since Christmas is upon us now.)
- We'll announce the winners on February 17th
- Send your images and questions here to
- The art will be judged by Myself, Max and one of our Models.
- You may enter as many times as you like.
- You can keep the original, make prints, pajamas, tote-bags, whatever, even sell it if you like.
- We get to use the final images for our site however we feel; maybe for an ad, or just a header on a social media page, whatever.
- We will give you credit where ever and whenever we use the images. 
Here's where we posted our previous Contest Artwork as well as Artwork people have submitted in the past Legs Emporium Art Page

There's some legal mumbo-jumbo that's needed to be spelled out, but I'm hoping it's not necessary.  We LOVE quality art and want to do a contest to promote our love of art as well as the Artists who participate.  If you enter the contest, you're doing so of your own free will.  So, lets have some fun!!!

Brett & Max

Couple of questions I didn't cover above....

1 - Can I remove your logo from the picture and put mine?
Absolutely.  But whenever we re-post it, I'll find a good spot to put our logo on it, but I'll keep yours there too.  I want you to get credit for it.  But whenever you post it, if you can mention Legs Emporium, that would ROCK!!!

2 - How and when should I post the result in my gallery?
Whenever you feel like it.  I understand you're using your time for this and it's not necessarily a good thing to be sitting on finished artwork.  That time is money.  So, post when you want to.  But if you do before the end of the contest, could you mention the contest?  You don't have to, just a thought.

Posted on January 16, 2016 .