Exercising our sites Great Legs

We've been working on some site upgrades to make your experience here even better.

In a recent Newsletter we went through some of those changes and were curious about your thoughts on those and anything else you may have a problem with.

We aim to please!

Thank You to those who've responded so far. 

And for those who missed it, those who are new, and those who are curious, here are the 4 major upgrades we've made recently to the site.

1)  Screenlist - A collection of moments throughout any given clip, to better help you make your purchasing decision.  (Example Below)

2)  Model Pages - A landing page for each model so you can see their listing of clips and photo sets, making them easier to find.  (Click for an example)

3)  Longer Blog Posts - We've decided to bring our thoughts and opinions over from our Blogspot Blog to our sites Blog.  Now I get to jibber-jabber here.

4)  Model List (Foldable) - If you look in the right column of any of the pages on our site there are two model lists (LE Models and Guest Models), each with a plus sign.  If you click the "+" sign a list of all our models drops down.  There you can quickly navigate your way to either their Model Page, Photo Sets, or Clips.

Now, we need a BIG favor from you.  We need a few questions answered.  If you have the time and don't mind giving us your opinion we would be VERY Grateful.  You can either e-mail us your answers at LegsEmporium@gmail.com or just comment below.  Either way would be a HUGE helpful tool for us to make this site the BEST it can be for YOU!!! :-)

So the big questions are...
- Have these changes been helpful?
- Is there anything that you don't like about the site?  Maybe something that makes it uncomfortable to get around?
- Is there anything you'd like us to implement on the site that we haven't yet?

THANK YOU for your time, patience. and Support!  It's GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

Posted on September 5, 2015 .