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Maria - Hot Monster Gams

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Why not?  It's true!  There is that saying PAWG, "Phat Ass White Girl", why not a PCW.

That saying has it's reason.  For us there are Phat Calves Women of all shades and sizes, so why pigeonhole ourselves.  PCW in the House!!!

If ever there was a Legs model who would embody this new idium I believe it would be Maria!!

Sure a lot of our model could fit into this category, in fact I believe all of them....Sofia, Elena, Michelle Jin, Heather, Anastasia...Yeah, all of them. :-)

WOW!!  I really went off track there, didn't I?

We've got 3 NEW Photo Sets of the Beautiful and Sweet Maria showing us her freshly oiled gams shimmering in the studio lights.

In the first set, she's wearing tight jeans that hug her shapely firm bum with heels that force her calves to express themselves the only way a pair of strong, large, muscular calves can.

For the second set, for all you foot fetishists we've got Maria showing off her whee little cute feet as a bonus side effect of posing without socks, shoes or heels.

In the third set, Mighty Lovely Calf Muscles, you get to drool over her tight quads as she reenacts the best of a flower child.

This is a threesome of photo sets just waiting to be seen and admired.


Maria - Barefoot and Shapely Legs

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Maria - Mighty Lovely Calf Muscles

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Posted on September 26, 2015 .