Shapely Legs of Roxie will awakening the Legophile in You

Roxie - Pink Sparkling Shapes 1

Duration 04:56

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Roxie - Rockin’ the Mirror 1

Duration 03:29

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We've got 4 new clips of the Super Sexy, Ultra Stunning, Shapely Legs and Scrumptious Calves of Roxie for your viewing pleasure.

I want you to pay particular attention to "Pink Sparkling Shapes 1" because it has some seriously beautiful close ups of Roxie's Legs with the light reflecting off her heels and onto those Luscious Calves of hers.

Here we have 2 clips of her posing while in a hair wearing a itty bitty pink mini-dress and those killer sparkling stilettos.

Followed up with some Beautiful Legs play times two with Roxie posing in a mirror.

Prepare for some eye popping fun.  Her calves are all oil up and silky smooth for you to oogle over and forever dream about.

Rock On!!

Roxie - Pink Sparkling Shapes 2

Duration 06:56

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Roxie - Rockin’ the Mirror 2

Duration 03:41

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Previously Released Photo Set from the Chair Shoot below.

Roxie - Shapely Legs Up, Back Down

50 photos

16 megapixels

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Posted on September 25, 2015 .