Legs Goddess Giveth Something Special to YOU!

With just over 3 Days Remaining in our One Year Anniversary Week long SALE, we have another SURPRISE for YOU!

How does a FREE Photo Set and Clip sound?

Good, I'm glad you like it.

It's was a spontaneous moment during a session recently with our Superstar Model Elena.

As time was running out on the studio, Max remembered what Elena had worn there, these tight, tight jeans that looked more like body-paint than pants. 

And, so this photo set was born. 

All because Elena likes to flaunt what she has......Sexy Shapely Legs with those Luscious Large Calves.

The video clip is from our BTS camera (Behind the Scenes) Since it was a last second idea with time running out, it was all Max could do to take a few shots of Elena in those skinny jeans.

We HOPE you LIKE it.  PLEASE feel free to comment and let us know if we should film her in those jeans for the site. :-)


Posted on September 17, 2015 .