The Anatomy of a Perfect Muscular Female Leg

Whom better to learn this kind of thing then with the Legs Legend Michelle Jin

And just how are you going to learn what a Perfectly Defined, Shapely, Muscular Leg and Calf should look like at the penultimate moment of Leg Supremacy?

Easy silly.  You watch these clips of Michelle, flexing, squeezing, turn, twisting her legs from side to side, up and down, and back and forth.

You'll see sculpted calves that not only look rock hard and chiseled, but you'll marvel at their amazing femininity.

You'll relish in her firm quads, and gawk at their sensual form and roundness.

Michelle Jin is a dream of every Legophile.  Those who love a great, phat calf muscle and those who love a Silky Smooth Female Leg.  This lovely brunette has the best of both worlds. 

In the end you will graduate with the knowledge of what is a Perfect Muscular Female Leg.


Posted on September 14, 2015 .