Michelle Jin back from Round 3! New Videos

What a GREAT time to be a Legophile.  Just two days ago we posted clips of the "Legs Goddess" Elena sporting a pair of fishnet stockings, highlighting her curvaceous legs, and now we hit you right between the eyes with the "Calves Legend" Michelle Jin wearing a little pink mini-dress and posing while sitting down and massaging her legs.

Now it might be strange to compare the two, or even mention them in the same breath, Elena and Michelle, but I don't think so.

Both have Beautiful Legs, Elena has fine, long, shapely legs and big calves, honed over many, many, many years of ballet training, while Michelle has Muscular, Sculpted, Rock Hard Calf Muscles developed over many, many, many years of weight training.

A large majority of female bodybuilders, for whatever reason, lose that sexiness.  And for some that's fine, it's about the muscle not necessarily the female shape of it.  Then, there are those female bodybuilders who bulk up so much, especially in the thigh area, that they lose symmetry between the calf and the thigh, making a large calf look small-ish by comparison.

I think that's what's so Incredible about Michelle's legs.  They are a bodybuilders dream, but they can also be mentioned within a legophile conversation with a woman with legs like Elena.

So sit back and enjoy the ride.  We've got more Sexy Muscular Calves as well as Sweet Shapely Hot Legs coming your way.  Cheers!

Posted on August 4, 2015 .