With Legs For Days, Two Bombshells Flaunt their Stuff

Elena & Cheerleader - Framed Legs Portrait

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Our two tallest and most popular models got together for a fun time in the studio and you get a ring side seat for some Awesome photos.

One's a Blonde, the other Brunette, Elena stands almost 5 foot 10, and Cheerleader 5' 8".  Slap on some heels and you've got two 6 foot tall Beautiful Women with Long Shapely Legs posing on camera for YOUR viewing pleasure.

What more can you ask for?

We've got 105 photos broken up into two sets.

The first set is all LEGS!!

With "Framed Legs" we went for an artistic flare, just like with Elena and Iryna, we used one models legs as a frame, while the other model posed in the distance between them.  Think of it as "The Graduate" meets still photography with two babes.

In the second set, "Four Shapely Legs, One Camera" our lovely models do a variety of poses while standing together, sitting on a couch, and a few double splits shots on steps.

It's the Bombastic Blonde Bombshell meets the Legs Goddess and we of the Legophiles Nation are the winners!


Elena & Cheerleader - Four Shapley Legs, One Camera

66 photos

16 megapixels

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Posted on August 24, 2015 .