Legs Posing Directory - Legs Squeeze

Easily one of Legaphilia's most desired poses to have performed. 

We refer to this style of pose as a Legs Squeeze, but there are other names it's gone by such as; folded legs, legs or calf smush, squatting legs.

It consists of the woman squeezing her calves as tightly as possible to the back of her legs (hamstrings) thereby pushing out her calf muscle to it fullest shape and size.

This can be achieved in many ways with the easiest performed in the squatting position.

As we continued filming we found other ways to capture this wonderful effect.  Max created a unique position I call the "Legs Squeeze on All Fours" with Anastasia.  It's wildly appealing and somewhat hypnotizing.


Thinking back now I think it popped into Max's head when I screen-grabbed a moment with Rina getting up at the end of a clip.

Whatever it was, I'm glad he mastered it.  From this point Max adapted this position for use on the steps.  Performing this on the steps allowed for Max to get a better angle on the calf muscles to really see what they've got. :-)

I'll see you next Wednesday with part 2 of the Legs Squeeze!


Posted on December 23, 2015 .