Legs Posing Directory - Legs Crossed

I did this on the old blog, but not as thorough as I will here...

The Legs Posing Directory is a series of Legs specific poses that spotlight the allure of Shapely Female Legs.

As I get more of these posing directories done you'll find that a large majority of them are about the effects they have on the calf muscle.

If you break down the Legs term "Shapely Legs", it's really contingent on the calf muscle being large enough to make the thigh not look ridiculously over-sized. 

Remember, the knee is the thin part, or as I've explained in the past with my "Hour Glass" theory, it's the waist of the leg.  If there's no hips, in this case a large, round, "Shapely" calf muscle, then the best you can hope for is a Sexy leg.  A lot of a sexy legs without shape has to do with the total package of the woman.

You can go anywhere on the net and find people posting "Sexy Legs" and when you see the image they've got little, skinny, spindly legs with no definition or shape.  But sometimes they are sexy because the woman is sexy, she oozes sex appeal that makes up for the actual lack of shape in her legs.

But I digress.  This post is about the Legs Cross that women do when they are seated.  There are practical reasons for why women do this instinctively, but I'm not here to explain that, I'm here to explain the allure of this particular pose.

This position has many names; Legs Cross, Legs Crossing, Crossed Legs, Legs Grapevine and a Double Legs Cross.  All names effectively explain what it is.

There are different "Legs Crossed" positions; standing up, laying down, legs up, man style, the actual act of crossing legs, etc. etc.  Today, we're going to focus on the seated Crossed Legs.

When a woman crosses her legs it creates two very curvy mounds of calf musculature that is ever so pleasing to the eye.

On one side, the leg on top, the support leg pushes the calf muscle outward, revealing the truest size and potential shape.

On the support leg you often get a flexed calf muscle.  But, that's not all.  The support leg, depending on how the woman is seated, can cause the calf muscle to hang down, giving us a visual of the potential size and strength of the muscle. :-)

The Double Legs Crossed position, the woman brings her leg over, then underneath and hooks her foot around her ankle. 

This position creates two calf muscles being squeezed against the leg of the other in some way.  The leg coming over top is squeezed against the thigh of the support leg.  And the support leg's calf muscle is being pushed outward by the shin of the leg that is going over and behind the support leg.  It truly is a thing of Legophilia Beauty.

These two examples below show how the calf muscle can be manipulated in this position. :-)

Posted on December 16, 2015 .