The Countdown to our 1st Legstacy Celebration has begun

We're counting down to our 1 Year Anniversary by presenting our "Well Endowed" Legs models with Preview Clips.  There will be a new one every week featuring a specific area of development for each of our models.  We've got Olympic Track Stars, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, Fitness Champions, Ballerinas, Gymnasts, and wonderfully Sexy Models to behold and drool over.

Below are the first two weeks, with the Bodybuilders being this weeks entry.

PLEASE Enjoy and THANK YOU for all the support!!!  We're hoping to make our second year even better than our first. :-)

Sculpted Legs and Chiseled Calves are often the trait of a female bodybuilder, but not always Shapely and Feminine. Here we spotlight 3 amazing women who haven't lost their sexiness, shapeliness or symmetry in the area that us Legophiles hold so dear to our hearts.

Get an eye full of 3 of our Olympic Track Stars Muscular Legs and Calves. Honed over years of training and perseverance to be the best in their field. Here for your viewing pleasure in a variety of poses and situations to highlight their most awesome leggy attributes.

Posted on August 19, 2015 .