Our Leg Filming Philosophy Ever Evolving to make Better Content

Earlier I wrote about our posing / filming philosophy.  I thought now I should talk about our filming philosophy and how it's evolved in the past year.

As I detailed in a previous blog entry "Leg Posing Philosophy of the Modern Pin Up" we're looking at a style more reminiscent of modern pin up with a homage to Cheesecake (Leg Art) of the past.

If you ask me what I LOVE about a Sexy Female Leg, I will always tell you a "Sexy Female Leg".  There's a key element here that I think gets lost sometimes.  I LOVE a good pair of "Sexy Legs" or "Sexy Calf Muscles", but it's the "Female" part that means almost as much.

I'm a Legophile through and through, but I really LOVE women.  I LOVE all of them, but it's their Legs I always finalize my opinion of them on.  If they don't have nice legs, it's a bummer and hard to get around. 

I need all of them to appreciate their Lovely Shapely Stems. 

Hopefully you're still following along.

For most Legophilia footage it's solely focused, and rightfully so, on the "Sexy Legs" and Calf Muscles of women.  But I tend to get a disconnect if I can't see all of the woman from time to time, hence the Cheesecake / Modern Pin Up Style of filming we've adopted.

With this style you get the best of both worlds.

But I digress.  Sometimes women with Beautiful Legs aren't up for having their faces filmed and so that would be a good reason why a lot of filming stays on her calves and legs, leaving out the rest of her.  Fortunately for us, we don't have that problem. :-)

But back to the point.  Gawd, sometimes I'm so long winded.

Max recently, about 6 months ago, started adapting the accepted style of our fetish / genre by getting up close to the models legs.  We also started exploring more Leg Fetishy type posing like Leg Squeezes and Squatting.

And to be truthful, I wasn't a Big fan of it.  I LOVE the Legs Squeezing and Squatting just not the total close up of "Legs Only" style of filming, leaving out the rest of the model.  But over time, and Max and I having discussions about it, Max has found a BEAUTIFUL way of incorporating both the "Cheesecake" style with the "Fetish" style. 

In my opinion Max is truly making Great Legs Art!

Max's close up style; playing with foreground and background focus, and getting into the feel of the moment, is something I've come to enjoy very much.  I would not have said that 6 months ago.

Now PLEASE don't get me wrong.  I enjoy the "Legs Only" style of filming, but I'm always thinking to myself, "WOW, I would really like to see all of this Hottie with the Nice Legs."  I mean just think about it.  Would you only want to stare at the models legs if the model is Elena?  Of course not!  Yes, her legs are art and GORGEOUS!! But her all around Beauty is something I would hate to miss.

So as time has gone by, and we've filmed a lot of models with all kinds of different style of legs, I think we've evolved in our filming and posing philosophy.  We've got a perfect blend of Modern Pin Up with the tried and true "Legs Only" style.  And we owe it all to Max.

Bravo Brotha!!! 


Peace, Out!

Posted on August 25, 2015 .